Our values reflect the key elements of what is important to us and to our clients.  The statements demonstrate our commitment to meet our business goals. Each statement provides a focus on self-leadership and gives our clients assurance that we are a values driven organization.

Our choice of values speak to the kind of company we are and the kinds of people we employ.  We all sign up to our values and the behaviors they represent. You can count on us to conduct ourselves according to the values listed below.  Each value is listed in terms of “I” to show our personal commitment to honouring the value:

Safety: I make a safe choice in all I do.

Honesty: I am willing to admit when ‘I do not know the answer’; I speak the truth while being respectful; and, the actions I take reflect my integrity.

Transparency: I hold no hidden agendas.

Environmentally conscious: I minimize my own and AMC’s impact on the environment; I leave a place better than I found it.

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