In 2008 Associated Mining Construction (AMC) was initially formed by J.S. Redpath and Thyssen Mining to collaborate on technologies and resources to find solutions for sinking shafts through soft rock and water bearing formations of Saskatchewan to meet the specific needs of the growing potash industry in Canada. No other company in the world can claim the accomplishments and innovations in support of Saskatchewan’s potash resources as AMC.

Mining Workers Wearing Air Breathing Apparatuses

Traditionally, using a shaft sinking approach to reach to the abundance of the potash resource proved to be a challenge in Saskatchewan and it still has its challenges. This is mainly subscribed to the various complex geological formations and water bearing formations encountered at depth propagating high water pressures and high potential water inflows, all which presented great difficulties for traditional shaft sinkers. The solution to the problems obviously lied in AMC’s ability to discover a very unique sinking and shaft lining methodology to overcome water associated shaft-sinking problems.

AMC is currently involved in multiple shafts sinking projects of Potash Mining Projects located in the province of Saskatchewan. Although we possess experience, expertise and knowledge in this area, it is also AMC’s innovative approach (one of our guiding principles) that allows us to proudly share that we have again most recently and have previously, safely sunk through the complex water bearing strata of the Saskatchewan geological formations such as the Blairmore, Souris River and Duperow sections without failure.

AMC’s sinking techniques required to safely do what we have done, is much more than the conventional drill and blast sequences required for shaft excavation and mucking. Ground freezing from surface down to a depth of approximately 1,600 feet i.e., past the Manville section, the designed shaft permanent liner consisting of an in situ constructed concrete liner of variable thickness and strength as well as the installed steel tubing sections (or a composite welded steel liner where required), to prevent water ingress.

AMC’s unique lining system is designed to resist as much as 800 meters of water pressure. No other mining company can claim similar capability in design and successful installation of the same.

On another front, AMC’s superior technical knowledge enables us to create unique solutions to difficult and trying situations in a shaft sinking and mining construction environment. For example, it is known that the Souris River water courses may contain hydrogen sulfide. Unanticipated water flows containing excessive amounts of H2S gas may be encountered while drilling deep holes through these formations.

In the course of having to dill through the formation, as a precaution, AMC personnel in the shaft associated with the drilling was trained in and provided with supplied air respirators (SABA) to ensure all involved with the drilling will be using air respirators to ensure they are fully protected from H2S gas, should it be encountered while drilling. As an AMC safety innovation precaution and also for the first time in recorded history that SABA protected employees from potential dangerous emissions from the Souris River formations.

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