AMC Mining Crew innovation

Our disciplined approach to project execution ensures we provide a focused, disciplined way to help our clients meet their goals. We:

  • Carefully determine the execution goals for each project.
  • Define the key measurable leading indicators of our progress.
  • Measure our progress against those goals.
  • Meet to discuss our progress.

Although these appear to be simple, it is our uncommon focus on these key elements that provide successful project execution – regardless of where our projects are being executed or who we work with.

Our Guiding Principles

Guiding principles enable us as a corporation to distinguish ourselves from other organizations. Each principle serves as a key element to meet our strategic objectives. Driving these principles deep into AMC’s business and employees ensures that we focus on what is important to us and to our clients. Here are the principles that guide us:

  • Make safe choices in all we do.
  • Take actions that reflect our integrity.
  • Hold no hidden agendas.
  • Care about our environment.
  • Innovate and solve.
  • Plan the work and work the plan.

We uphold these guiding principles as individuals and with each other. By holding each other accountable we lift each other to a higher standard of behavior.

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